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Scholarship Renewal

How to process your Scholarship renewal application:

  1. Currently attending nursing or medical (MD/DO)
  2. Print out and complete the Application including the Personal Data and Activity Forms and send to the Groff Foundation no later than April 1st.
  3. Since this award is based on demonstrated financial need as well as academic excellence you must submit either a FAFSA or a copy of your parents’ income for the previous tax year
  4. Be in required academic standing.
  5. A completed application must be submitted to Pranoy Mohapatra, Manager of Medical Education, at 300 2nd Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740, no later than April 1 for consideration.

  1. How to fill out applications.
  2. Click link about to the application that you wish to fill out. A new tab will open in your browser. Fill out application in the new tab.
  3. To save the application with your changes, either hit the print icon on the top right of the screen -or- on your keyboard hit ctrl+p. This will take you to your standard print options screen. On this screen where it says destionation, you want to change it to MICROSOFT PRINT TO PDF.
  4. Next a Save As screen will appear. Save your newly edited application to a safe place (E.G. Desktop) on your computer. Open the saved filed and confirm your changes to the application have been saved.
  5. Email the editted application document to, Pranoy.Mohapatra@rwjbh.org. Make the subject of the email the title of the application you are sending along with your name.
  6. If you have any questions send an email to Pranoy.Mohapatra@rwjbh.org. If you wish to print the application and send it via post please address it to: Pranoy Mohapatra, Manager of Medical Education, at 300 2nd Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740.
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Scholarship Renewal